Lost your license for FlickrExport?

No need to email. You can retrieve it online.

Technical support for Connected Flow products is handled online at Get Satisfaction.

Your question has probably already been answered. To get started with technical support, or to provide feedback on Connected Flow products, click the "Feedback" tab on the left edge of this page to start writing up your question.

Once you have described your problem, the support system will search for other problems like yours and give you the option of viewing those problems instead. If you choose, your problem will be transferred to Get Satisfaction when you submit it.

Private Matters

For general enquiries, and help with payments or purchasing, you can contact Connected Flow by using the "Feedback" tab on the left edge of this page and choosing the "Send Privately" option.

Here are some tips on how to report a bug effectively:

Use a descriptive subject in your support request. Don't just say "FlickrExport"!

Always specify: the version of FlickrExport you're using, the version of iPhoto or Aperture, and the version of Mac OS X.

If you're seeing FlickrExport hang the application its running in, please send a Sample of the application's activity, and any relevant lines logged by the application in Console.app, by email to info at connectedflow.com

If you're seeing FlickrExport crash the application it's running in, please send the crash log by email to info at connectedflow.com.

If you're not clear on the distinction between a "hang" and a "crash", here it is: A "crash" occurs when the application "goes away" and you see the "ThisApplication unexpectedly quit" dialog box. A "hang" occurs when the application remains on the screen but appears unresponsive and FlickrExport makes no apparent progress for a long time.

It's really helpful if you don't say that FlickrExport 'crashed' when it actually 'hung'.