Darkslide puts Flickr in the palm of your hand.

Darkslide brings the wonder of Flickr to your iPhone and iPod touch. If you like great photography, Flickr has the images and Darkslide brings them right to your mobile device.

Built with the native iPhone SDK for performance, responsiveness and deep integration with iPhone OS, Darkslide brings Flickr to a whole new level of mobility.

What Can You Do With Darkslide?

There are so many ways to use Flickr, and Darkslide gives you fast, native iPhone access to all the major parts of the site. Check the screenshots below for some great ways to use Darkslide.

Show Off Your Photography

Avoid the hassle of trying to keep your latest and best photos in sync with your iPhone. Post your pictures to Flickr, then take them with you through Flickr and Darkslide.

Keep Up With Your Contacts


Darkslide gives you access to your contacts' latest postings to Flickr. Got five minutes to spare? Check out the latest from your Flickr friends using Darkslide.

Explore The Best of Flickr

Darkslide - Explore

Every day, 500 awesome images make it to Explore. If you're looking for great photos on the go, Darkslide lets you browse the day's Explore photos right from your iPhone and favourite or share them at the tap of a button.

See What's On The Radar


Darkslide's Near Me feature uses iPhone's location capabilities to bring you pictures from Flickr that were taken near you. In a new city? Want to see other photographers' take on the landmark in front of you? It's a tap away with Darkslide.

Get The Details

Darkslide - Details

You can get the detail on any photo you see with one tap in Darkslide: title, description, tags, location, privacy and comments are all here. You can also favourite or share a photo via email or Twitter using the Action button.

Provide Some Commentary

Darkslide - Details

Read others' comments on any photo - without the flashing ribbons and medals. Add your own with one tap using the built-in comment editor.

App Store
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  • Darkslide Premium: $3.99
  • Darkslide: Free!
  • list icon Two versions, same features.
  • You can choose a version of Darkslide that is completely free and displays inline advertisements via The Deck. Revenue from these ads help to pay for the development of Darkslide.
  • If you don't want to see ads, you can purchase Darkslide Premium for $3.99 in the App Store. Either way, you get the exact same great features.